Train wiper system
Functional purpose
A device for cleaning the windshields of an electric train from atmospheric precipitation and pollution, designed for electric trains with a solid windshield operated on the railways of the Russian Federation.

The purpose of the device is to clean the windshields of the driver's cab of an electric train from pollution in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

*The project is supported by Innovation Promotion Fund

The main consumer qualities
The cleaning device meets the requirements of current regulatory documents, in particular GOSTs and the System of Labor Safety Standards.
The design of the cleaning device eliminates the possibility of injury of stuff during maintenance, installation and dismantling in accordance with the requirements of SP 2.5.1198.
The wiper provides smooth (without binding) movement of the brush on the glass moistened with liquid or atmospheric precipitation in the range from 5 to 70 cycles per minute, while adjusting the frequency of brush movements is smooth or stepped.
Wiper blades provide satisfactory cleaning of glass, in which some untreated places (stripes, spots, etc.) are allowed on its surface in the cleaning zone, with a total area of not more than 50% of the surface to be cleaned, provided that the visibility of the track and the working area is ensured for traffic safety in standard driver postures at a train speed up to 160 km/h.
Coating of the outer parts of the wiper blades do not give reflections affecting traffic safety.
Wiper blades
The product settings
  • Blade angle - 70°±5°. The design of the drive has the ability to limit and adjust the stroke of the wiper brush.

  • The distance from the axis of rotation of the lever to the point of attachment of the wiper blade - not less than 210 mm.

  • The size of the brush is 1250 mm (it can be changed upon request of the customer).

  • The minimum trouble-free operating time of the wiper blade is at least 1 year from the date of its installation on the electric train.

  • Operating time to failure of the wiper is not less than 1000 hours.

  • Recommended wiper blade's life is 10 years.

  • The recommended service life of the brush material is at least 1 year.